#ColoroadieBaby Day 7

#ColoroadieBaby Day 7

#ColoroadieBaby Day 7

Ethan’s Blog Entry: Day 7 - Tuesday, 11/7/17 #ColoroadieBaby
Hi. Today was our 3rd Shop Preview! Whoohoo! So we left the house we slept in, and headid tourd the place that we were going to have the Shop Preview. We got there, and it was a place for moms. Got in, I waited, on a couch, while my mom and our friend Teresa (she is going on the trip with us). So I just sat there, the costermer came that we were expecting. All her five kids went to a back room, I was wondring where they went. So I just sat there, playing with my fingers, manking faces with my fingers. Then my mom and I took Abel to the back room, I looked in, and it was like a nursery! With a lot of babys and kids. Oh yeah, and two young ladys.

So we droped Abel off. Closed the door, he looked sad. So I went back to the couchs. Sat there about 15 minutes. Then Teresa said that we should go check on Abel, so we went to the back. We went into the room, and I finnely saw the hole room, wow, a lot if kids and babys. Like flying, and running over things, knoking over things, crazy, crazy stuff.

So Teresa brought some crafts for the kids. I saw Abel walking around, he was happy, he didint notec me. So I was walking around some, and then...Abel notec me! He saw me and just started to cry and cry and one of the lady’s there tried to pick him up, and his respones was : “WHHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” He just wanted me!

I picked him up. The lady tried to take Abel out of my hands, she took him, “WHHAA!!!” She gave him back to me. So I held him for a bit. We put him in a baby seat, gave him some toys and a SNACK! That kept him quiet!

So I start to play with playdo, I played with one of the costemer’s boys, he was 8. So we played with the playdo. We made: long things of playdo to karate chop, we made pepoul to stab, and also made big BIG balls of playdo!

So then after an hour all the kids started to git ressless, they wanted to go! They said “Mom left us!” but after 10 minutes the parents came, and there was a big sigh of relif. So that’s it...bye!



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