#ColoroadieBaby Day 5

#ColoroadieBaby Day 5

#ColoroadieBaby Day 5

Ethan’s Blog Entry: Day 5 - Thursday, 11/2/17 #ColoroadieBaby
How ‘zit going!? I mean, hi! Today has been a good day! We did our 2nd Shop Preview! I got up around 9:10am. Got up, got dressed, and ate, and left!
We got to the place we were going to do the Shop Preview, it was a resturant! We had a reserved room. Got the stuff seted up. Alot of pepoul came! We had around 11 kids and 8 adolts. We had a good time.

So whiel my mom was talking Abel got really tierd. So me and my aunt took Abel on a walk. (And no not with a leash!) We took him to go too a store. Ferst we went to a fabrick store, bhoght some things, and went to the next store. Whche was a...Sports shop! Yay...uhhh...anyway. It was cool.

So anyway, we came back to the resturant. And my mom was still talking about all of her CUTE products. Abel on the other hand was being anoyng. Yes. He was super teird so I wached Abel more, until Mom took him and put him in her BOBA CARRIER. So she showed them the rest of the prodectes and then the costermers tried out the stuff/look at the stuff. And during this time Abel fell asleep!!! Ethan BE QUIET! SHHHHHH!

So we had a great time with evrybody. We palked up all the stuff, and left the restraunt to go back to our Aunt’s house to spend the rest of the day. So I think thts it. I went longer then I thoght! Ok, bye!


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