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Copper Pearl - Swaddle Blanket - Scout
Kyte Baby - Zippered Footie - Midnight

Out of The Mouths of Babes (er, um, their moms)

"Colorado Baby has made me a better mom. There is no higher praise for the staff and products than that!"


"The selection at Colorado Baby is unmatched and is my favorite baby store with all the essentials!"


"These ladies give great customer service and care about their customers! You could imagine sitting down to dinner with them."


"Don't work there or you will spend all your money on great stuff in the store you have been lusting after. Guaranteed, you'll never see a paycheck!"


"More than a store. Colorado Baby is a community of amazing, encouraging moms!"


"Colorado Baby has everything you need for mama and baby to get started in motherhood."


"Megan and her team are extremely personable. They make you feel like family."


"Since I found Colorado Baby from a friend of mine I have built many friendships and bonded with many other like minded mommies."


"Simply the best. Better than all the rest."


"Colorado Baby has everything you need for your newborn in one friendly, mama-run place."


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The Family Behind Colorado Baby

We're Megan and Alberto, and yes, all those kids are ours (full disclosure, this picture is a little old and doesn't have baby #7, Felix, in it!) Here are the answers to the questions we hear most often: We married young and knew we wanted to have a lot of kids. No, we don't know if we are done yet. None of our kids are twins. No, we aren't Catholic, or Mormon. Yes, just the one girl, and she really loathes being called the princess.

We are both small business owners that are grateful to be living our American dream. Your intentional support of Colorado Baby allows us to raise our family as we desire, teach our children the importance of hard work, provide jobs for others and create a community to help support new parents through products we love and personally use. Thank you for choosing Colorado Baby!

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