Meet the Team


What she really does: Greets you with a smile, helps you find the perfect gift, directs you towards the products you actually need for your new baby and teaches you why we carry the products we do.

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO
Number of Kids: 1
Dream Job: Postpartum Doula
Favorite Colorado Baby Product: For mom- Earth Mama Perineal Balm; For baby- L'ovedbaby Kimono Onesies
Level Up "Mom Hack": Two shirt method for breastfeeding. Layer a tank and shirt when dressing yourself. When ready to feed baby, pull tank down below breast, lift top shirt above breast and latch baby. Can't see a thing and no cover needed!
Crumbl Cookie Top Choice: Key Lime


What she really does: Makes the store beautiful! You're able to discover products in an inviting way because of Jessica's display skillzzz. She's constantly configuring the store layout with you, our customers, in mind. She also does the bomb diggity windows.

Hometown: Platteville, CO
Number of Kids: 4
Dream Job: Singer
Favorite Colorado Baby Product: Kyte Baby Footies
Level Up "Mom Hack": Ditch the toy box. Your kids don't need all their toys all at once. Rotate toys every few weeks to keep their interest. Purge toys frequently and keep similar toys in clear tubs. You'll know exactly what's in them, they're easy to store in a garage or closet, and they'll have a home when your child is done playing.
Crumbl Cookie Top Choice: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter


What she really does: Curates the products for the store, files sales tax every month, maintains our social networks, runs our First Access Insiders text group (text her to join! 970-387-7844), teaches our Cloth Diapering Simplified classes, provides a baby every couple of years for R&D.

Hometown: Grand Junction, CO
Number of Kids: 7
Dream Job: Totes living it but constantly trying to improve it and make it even more what I love. For example, I hate being bogged down with filing sales tax, managing my email inbox, etc. - my dream job would be to get those totally off my plate so I can focus on the aspects of the business I REALLY love: interacting with customers, teaching, and picking out products for the store.
Favorite Colorado Baby Product: Hands down my Boba wrap. I'm not enamored with anything else to the degree I am with my Boba wrap.
Level Up "Mom Hack": My kids (that can dress themselves) have about 7 days worth of clothes in rotation. It keeps me on top of laundry and the clutter in their rooms down.
Crumbl Cookie Top Choice: Any peanut butter option, especially if Reece's are involved.