Our Sustainable Shipping Practices

Did you receive a box from us branded by a different company?

Did some of your product come in plastic that doesn't seem related to the product inside?

No worries, this wasn't an oversight, it was very intentional.


We re-use as many pieces of packaging as we possibly can.  In fact, we are quite proud to say that we have never, in over 13 years of business and 1,000s of packages shipped, had to buy a box to ship an order in.

The sustainable shipping cycle at Colorado Baby (which earned us our own Sustainable Merit Badge) looks like this:

  1. We get a shipment of new product to sell in the store that comes in a (typically) branded box from that company.
  2. We open this box and remove the products from plastic they may have come in, price the items and put them out for sale.
  3. The plastic, any packaging paper/bubble wrap and the box itself are all saved to use later to ship items to our online customer base.
  4. You place an order online that is large enough (or fragile enough) that it warrants us using a box to ship your order.
  5. We pull out one of our saved boxes, plastic and packaging paper/bubble wrap and we pack your order.
  6. We seal up the box with our branded tape so you know the box has come from us.
  7. Resources are saved, dollars are saved.
  8. Our favorite part: You find a way to repurpose that box a third time, take a picture and tag us on social so we can feature you!

We hope that you feel even prouder about your purchase with Colorado Baby knowing you are supporting sustainable shipping practices!

-The Colorado Baby Team, Otto (our cute mascot in the logo) and #AngryPanda