Virtual Events

Community, Fun and Education are three very valued aspects at Colorado Baby.  Our Local and Virtual Events are an incredibly important way for us to connect with you, our favorite people!  Check out our current Virtual Events, whether you are local or not, these are just for you.


Every Saturday night you can catch Megan broadcasting Live on our Facebook page and Instagram account with the newest products to arrive. Megan opens boxes of products that have recently arrived but are not yet available to purchase. You'll be the first to know what's new and hitting the shelves. This is also a great time to connect with other fans while learning all about our products and why we have curated them for the shop.


Every Tuesday (time varies) Megan gives away two shopping sprees on Live video over on our Instagram account. For a chance to win, simply tune-in and watch the video while it's airing Live. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents, grandparents, aunties and more! Not only is it a super fun event to participate in but the amount of education you'll gain learning about the products from Megan and those who are watching is indispensable. The Shopping Sprees are advantageous for anyone expecting a baby, has a baby or is shopping for a baby.


Want to be the first to know when Megan is going to go live? Send her a text at 970-387-7844 saying "Go Live" and she'll add you to a special text list.  All texts are personally sent by Megan, not a bot!  (Except the first two to get you set up in the program).