Featured Toy: Farm and Dino Sets (by Plan Toys)

Featured Toy: Farm and Dino Sets (by Plan Toys)

Featured Toy: Farm and Dino Sets (by Plan Toys)

Age Range:

  • 12+ Months. These will be enjoyed until children are around 8-9 years old.

How the Toy Works:

  • Each set comes with 4 farm animals or 4 dinos. These sets would make a wonderful nursery decoration, then used for play around 12 months old. They are nice and chunky so you won’t have to sweat when baby tries to put them in their mouth (because you know they will). As they grow, they’ll make a great addition for pretend play and animal recognition games

A Little About the Brand:

  • Plan Toys has a passionate mission to work towards a more sustainable world while also mindfully crafting their toys to foster developing minds. They are beautifully made from trees that no longer produce latex. They only use water based dyes, organic color pigment, and non-formaldehyde glues. Every step, from materials sourcing, treatment of employees, to finished product, is carefully considered. We love opening their shipments to admire how they “tetris” the products inside without plastic packaging, making sure all space is used and reducing the number of boxes that are shipped out. 

Why our Colorado Baby Kids are Excited About It:

  • “I want to make a table scape with kinetic sand to play and play with the dinos in it!” -Jameson, age 5

We ran out of these but have more on the way, keep an eye out for the farm here and the dinos here.


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