#ColoroadieBaby Day 6

#ColoroadieBaby Day 6

#ColoroadieBaby Day 6

Ethan’s Blog Entry: Day 6 - Saturday, 11/4/17 #ColoroadieBaby
Hi. Hello. Hola. Oye. Chow. Today is the 6 day! Wow! And it is our 3rd Ramble! So this morning, Mom got me up, at around 8:20am, I think, and...you know the roteen! Get dresse, eat, pack, bye, leav. So we left at about 9:15am! Yes! So we were on the road for 2 hours. Abel was kinda cranky.
Anyway, we got there, it was a restaurant. I forgot it’s name. But it was good! So we came in found the costermer that we were expecting. Sat dowen, AND...TALKED...for a bit then we got our food. And sat dowen and started to eat, MMMHMMM! Really good hamburgrs! So they talked...oh yeah, I forgot, anthere lady came.

I was eating and lisning to them talk, and also eating ONIONS!! I was done eating, sat there, Abel wanted to get out of his chair! So I took him for a “walk.” We walked around the restraunt, he was being REALLY CU-er, I mean, he was being Abel like! One time Abel was pointing at something, he was really intrested, so intresied that he fell on his back side! Anther time, Abel found some trash on the ground, and also was intrestid, trying to pick it up. Yuk! Actually it was not that gorss...whatever, anyway. I had a idea. I told Abel to pick it up, he picked it up, the I picked him up, took him to the trash, and he threw it away!

So anyway, it was time to go, so we went outside, took a good selfie, and ya know...LEFT. So thats it. Bye.


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