#ColoroadieBaby Day 3

Ethan’s Blog Entry: Day 3 - Saturday 10/28/17
Hello! Agein. Today we did our first Shop Preview! So we woke up this morning at: 8:20am (centrel time) slept in a few more minutes, I got dressd. We spend the night at one of my mom’s costermers in Wichita, KS. Mom took a shower/got dressd, we and the custermer went to lunch. We got there at 10:00am. Waited about 20 minutes, then we got seated. Waited onther 15 minutes, then our food came, I got the corned beef hash! Wow! THAT WAS AMAZING! Anyway. We ate there the left back to the costemer’s howes, got our stuff, so we headid to where we were going to do our first shop preview!

When we were driving, (around 12:00) Abel fell asleep. Well, he’s going to wake up when we stop. When we got there Abel was still asleep! So my mom said I could stay in the van with hi- WAIT I just said van...opps I ment car. So I could stay with him in the car, and play my: Kindel Fire and my Nintendo 2DS! So I stayed in there about 30 minutes, then he woke up.

So I took him in to this working out place where we had the Shop Preview. So that was fun. Had around 9 kids and 6 adoltes. We got a lot of stuff done.

So it was time to go, so we got a car wash. Rating. 5. It was okay. So we HIT DA ROAD!!...Errr 2hours 30mintues later we arived at a friends howes. Then we went to an awesome pizzeria. That was super good! So I think thats where I am going to end. Oh bye the way Go Dodgers! Bye!

[a huge shout out and thanks to Jazzercise Wichita for so graciously hosting our event!]


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