#ColoroadieBaby Day 4

#ColoroadieBaby Day 4

#ColoroadieBaby Day 4

Ethan’s Blog Entry: Day 4 - Monday, 10/30/17 #ColoroadieBaby
Hello once agein! How are you? Any way, I woke up at 9:10am (Centrel time) super tired. I stayed up till 12:15am! Watching baseball! Go Dodgers!!
Anyway...got dressed first thing. Took Abel to eat. We were staying at my mom’s aunt and uncel’s. Abel ate cheerios. I ate some eggs (super good eggs!!) and cheerios. WHOW! WHOW! HOLD THE PHONE! MAN I’m rieting this in the car and a semi truck was shaking a lot! Whew. Almost hit us!! Okay. Where was I? Oh yeah, I was eating breakfess. Okay!

Anyway, we ate, packed up, got in the car and said bye, and we headed to our rammbel! It was about a 30 minute drive. We got there, and it was freezing! We got our stuff, and went inside. GOOD! It is a lot bigger then the last one! So we sat dowen. Someone else came, we ordered lunch, at 11:00! (To early!)

So my mom talked to the lady, about Colorado Baby. So we stayed there awihel but no one else came. So anyway we had a good time. And we left, we went to a gas station. Got gas, and left, so we had a 2 hour drive. And in that time I needed to use the batthroom! So I waited till we got to our stop. We got to our stop where one of our friends live. I used the bathroom first thing. We hung out for awhile. Then we left. And got on the road. And did a 1 hour and 15 minute drive, so we drove and then we got to our destination. So I think I’m done. I think...well...hmmm...yeah. Ok, bye!


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