#ColoroadieBaby Day 2

#ColoroadieBaby Day 2

#ColoroadieBaby Day 2

Ethan’s Blog Entry: Day 2 - Friday, 10/27/17 #ColoroadieBaby
Well...it looks like I didn’t finish yesterday for you guys. Opps! We got our stuff packed. We said bye to my uncel (he let us spend the night there.) and we hit the road! To go to Rambel. Well we arrive at the coffe shop. (We were stuck in traffic for 20 mintues). We walked in side with on nother cuostemer and her kids. And were like: “Ohhhhh” this was small! Ok. I think it will be just us.
So we sat dowen, Mom got me a drink. So my mom talked to the other mom about some of her stuff. And about 10 minutes later another coster came, and then 10 minutes later anothere one came. And then 40 minutes later another one came! There were 11 kids and 6 odeldes. So there were a lot of us cramed in this small area! So my mom went to the car to get more stuff.

Inside Abel and the other littel kids were tired, sad, mad, anoyoyd and all that stuff. So we got out of there. (Becuse I think they were going to kick us out!) And did a few more things. Took a awesone selfie! (Outside)

We went to lunch with a nice lady, ate super good food! And then we hit the road, agein. So on the road I learned that when you shake your hand up and down at the semi-truckers, they will honk!! That’s fun! Oh yeah, there was this weird Fedex truck starting to drive off the road, and it was wobbling a lot. Weird.

Well, I think thats where I am going to end today. See ya never want to be ya! Uhh, I mean, bye!



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