What Should I Pack for Baby?

What Should I Pack for Baby?

What Should I Pack for Baby?


Camping with Baby Series - Blog Post #1

Hey there camping lovers! As promised, here’s a general list of what my family brought with us those first few outings with a baby under one year old.

This is not an exhaustive list and you may find you need something not listed, or didn’t need another thing at all! This is to help you form your own list of amenities and (hopefully) make it easier for you to get out into the wilderness with your sweet little baby. To start, think about what you normally pack in your diaper bag. We’re just gonna kick it up a couple of notches. You’ll also want to think about where your baby will sleep, where will you put them down, and how will you keep them warm at night and cool during the day?

Keep in mind, this does not include other camping supplies needed for your general list, so don’t forget your tent or you’ll be sleeping under the stars!

What to Pack: 

  1. Diapers- Calculate how many you use in a typical day and then add a few extra for each day (it’s totally possible to cloth diaper too. We usually do!) 
  2. A baby carrier- My Boba 4GS is really convenient because it’s quick to put on and take off. 
  3. Mineral sunscreen if your baby is over 6 months old.
  4. A picnic blanket that is big enough for you and baby to hang out on (Monkey Mats are nice because they can be staked down). Beach umbrella tents are also helpful because they offer shade. 
  5. Layered clothing for baby- What you bring is going to depend on what climate you’re camping in. Add a jacket, sun hat, beanie, warm socks, and mitts. Bring a lot of extra clothes. Those kiddos get dirty and layers will help protect from sun and insects! 
  6. A sleep sack or bunting for cooler weather camping. We had a 3.5 TOG ergoPouch sleep sack. 
  7. A few swaddles or baby blankets.
  8. 2 or 3 toys/books- You honestly don’t need many toys. Just a couple comforts from home like a favorite lovey. They stay pretty entertained by their surroundings! 
  9. Wipes- Enough for diaper changes and cleaning hands and mouths (nice for mom and dad too). Wipes-baths are perfectly acceptable while camping. We like WaterWipes because they’re unscented and have hardly any ingredients.  
  10. Wet Bag- Your baby will get messy, be it fun in the dirt or a blow out. You’ll want a place to stash those dirty clothes so bring along a wet bag. We like these wet bags by Thirsties because they are a good size and the handle means they could be hung from a branch or tent pole.  
  11. Depending on the method you are feeding your baby, anything that will make you more comfortable for breastfeeding or supplies for formula feeding.

Added luxuries:

A portable crib or play yard. It gives a contained space for baby to hang out and can easily be covered for shade and to keep insects out. We don’t usually bring one, but know a lot of parents that find it really helpful. Some families also find it helpful to bring along a portable sound machine.

 Other considerations: 

We chose to camp in places close to home the first few times (just for the buffer that we could bail if needed). campsites with some amenities like water and toilets, could still keep us secluded from others to avoid noise issues, and offered shady spots. We always check weather forecasts and projected temps to plan ahead. 

Be prepared, leave no trace, and enjoy! 


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