#AlfarosVisitMexico2018 Part 1

#AlfarosVisitMexico2018 Part 1

#AlfarosVisitMexico2018 Part 1

Megan & Co. are traveling south of the border and giving us the inside scoop on life in Monterey!

Day 1:

Made it to the border. Alberto is filling out all the paperwork and paying all the monies 💸 while I wrangle these cuties. 

Easing into my Mexican-self with some pro BASEBALL and a churro. 

Day 2: Food updates!

11pm dinner last night on the street across from the house. Gorditas. A gordita is a little fat lady (well, literally 😂). When pertaining to food, it is not whatever Taco Bell calls a gordita (#90s). It is generally a very thick “corn tortilla” that is cut open (about 1/3 of it is open) to stuff whatever filling you desire on the inside. They will sometimes have a layer of beans on the inside and then the filling. When you purchase them in the street or in a restaurant, they’ll give you finely shredded cabbage (not lettuce! Lettuce is NOT a thing in Mexico) to stuff inside of it as well. They’ll also give you a homemade salsa to add inside. The fillings she had last night were: 1) Chicharrón (a form of pork), 2) deshebrada (shredded beef) and 3) picadillo (ground beef cooked with potatoes and tomatoes). They were 10 pesos each and with the current exchange rate that comes out to 55 cents! LOL.

Today for lunch we had pollo asado. Also made on the street right across from my MIL’s house. It’s a whole chicken that is seasoned a specific way and grilled. They serve it to you chopped into pieces (bone and all) with sides of grilled onions, fresh tortillas, limes and a few homemade salsas. We bring it home and put pieces of the hot chicken right into the fresh hot tortillas, add some grilled onion, squeeze lime and add salsa. HOLY SMOKES GUYS. With the exchange rate this was $6.75 for the whole meal. 😂

Snack time today, duritos. Bomb diggity right there. It’s like a giant fried, airy “chip”. They put refried beans on it and then layer Mexican cream (nothing like sour cream), finely shredded cabbage, a crumbly Mexican cheese and then you can add homemade salsa they have or standard store bought ones people tend to have.


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