Got out-of-town guests? We're here to help

Got out-of-town guests? We're here to help

Got out-of-town guests? We're here to help

           I couldn’t have had more fun planning this summer’s activities and events and the longer I work here through the different seasons the more I learn about a trend I would’ve never considered here on Main Street: our tourism is HOPPIN’! I’ve not lived here long, and I love to meet new people (shameless plug for our Village Meet-up Group), so whenever a new face pops into the store I try to make it a point to ask where they’re from. Megan teases me that I’ve never really lived in as many places as I claim to have lived, but I swear, I grew up with a military father and I just really like to travel the US! My husband and I live in Palisade now, but neither one of us is from Colorado originally; he’s from Europe and I grew up mostly in Michigan and Upstate New York. The longer we live here (and the more babies we have) the more I find myself scouting locations for family and friends to stay when they come visit. At the end of the season we’ll welcome our second daughter and plan to have family in town for several weeks. As much as I love lounging around in a nursing tank top with a fresh new baby, I’m already thinking ahead to the activities my family can partake in while they’re here, and where they can stay when the days are over. Previously I’ve recommended the DoubleTree on Horizon Drive because of its outdoor swimming pool but the more time I spend on Main Street, the more I want to put my family members up in one of the myriad hotels in downtown Grand Junction instead.

            All summer long the town puts together live music, farmers’ markets, movie screenings, and sporting events, most within walking distance to Main Street. Two Marriott hotels, Springhill Suites and Fairfield Inn & Suites, are situated directly on Main Street, and both Knights Inn and the historic Melrose Hotel are within walking distance to Main on N. 1st and Colorado, respectively. The Hampton Inn is situated directly in front of Springhill Suites, offering a plethora of lodging options for all of our out-of-town guests, because as much as I love and miss my family, I don't have a guest bedroom for a reason! Well-manicured parks and splash pads are all around the city, and the new science museum and downtown library offer those out-of-towners with little ones an air-conditioned escape from the heat. And for those who want to experience the beauty of this valley (hello, all my family from flat and boring Metro Detroit), the Monument is a short ten minute drive from downtown.

           I wish I was the kind of mom who enjoyed staying at home all the time, but those "40 days of hibernation" immediately postpartum just aren't for me. I plan to throw on my Boba wrap and stroll downtown with my family, maybe pick up a soy candle at Candle Kitchen, grab lunch at Cafe Sol, and get some long-missed sushi at Suehiro. I love Call the Midwife marathons and lying on my couch, but especially with family in town I want to show off our valley (and maybe convince my dad to move here, hint hint Dad).

Kiln's oatmilk lattes are my vice. Don't tell my midwife.

Springhill Suites is just at the end of Main Street on 3rd.

Grand Junction's Got Talent! All summer long!

Benge's has been around for over 100 years. 

And of course, we're located at 560 Main St. for all your mom/baby/toddler needs.

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