#AlfarosVisitMexico Part 2 - Travel Tips with Megan

#AlfarosVisitMexico Part 2 - Travel Tips with Megan

#AlfarosVisitMexico Part 2 - Travel Tips with Megan

I’ve been asked recently how we travel so far (28hrs drive time) with 6 kids. Since no one likes my answer of zip-ties, duct tape and blindfolds I decided to put together a more appropriate answer. I will tell you that I’m pretty minimalist at heart, but am confident anyone can adapt these same concepts for themselves!

How we pack clothing:

1. Before packing, gather everyones’ clothes together where you have space to lay them out in piles of who they belong to. Each person should have four complete outfits (top, bottom, socks and underwear).
2. Pack a complete outfit all stacked together (I put the socks and underwear between the top and bottom like a sandwich to keep it together) for each person in ONE carry-on size bag*. 
3. Include one pail liner on top; this is handy for keeping dirty clothes together. 
4. Repeat this three times. You’ll have four carry-on bags total with a complete outfit for everyone in each.

*Why carry-on bags? When we get to a destination each night (our family trip to Mexico is 3-4 travel days filled with one night hotel stays before we even arrive in Mexico) all we have to take in is ONE suitcase rather than unloading the whole van. This was a game changer idea I had a couple of summers ago.

How we pack sleepwear:
1. Collect two pairs of pajamas per person.
2. Pack all pajamas in one small suitcase (I use my JujuBe Be Prepared)

How we pack toiletries:
1. Gather toothbrushes for everyone as well as any other small toiletries (brush, hair ties, etc.)
2. Pack these items in a small clutch (I use a JujuBe Quick - it’s the perfect size AND machine washable).
3. Pack this clutch (Quick) in your bag with the pajamas (I pack it in the “Mommy Pocket” of my Be Prepared).

As mentioned above, when we get to a destination for the night, we only grab one suitcase instead of several. We also grab the pajama bag (Be Prepared). If we are traveling with a playpen we will grab that also. Last thing we bring into the hotel with us is our cooler. This makes it possible to get everything we need in the hotel in one trip. 🙌🏼

With this system, you will actually have five outfits in rotation for everyone (4 packed plus what they are wearing the day you leave). When everyone changes into their pajamas that night, they put all of their dirty clothes in the pail liner that was packed in the suitcase. The next morning everyone gets dressed (pajamas go back in the Be Prepared unless they got dirty or they’ve been worn for a few days - at that point they’d go in the pail liner) and the pail liner goes in the (empty) suitcase. I leave part of the drawstring of the pail liner hanging out of the suitcase. This helps me distinguish not to grab that suitcase the next night because it’s already been used.

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