Getting to know Tara the Doula

Getting to know Tara the Doula

Getting to know Tara the Doula


We sat down with our in-house doula extraordinaire, Tara, to ask her some questions about her upcoming Labor Skills Class on October 21st. You can reserve a spot here!


Who are ya?
I am a certified doula with DONA. I have been a doula for 3 years. I've been teaching the Labor Skills Workshop at Colorado Baby for a year and a half. 


What do you want everyone to know about the class you teach at Colorado Baby?
This class is an opportunity for expecting moms and their support person to learn skills that will help them! It is a unique class to this area. The class is small so there can be time for individual questions to be answered. The information taught gives moms confidence in themselves and in their ability to birth their baby. 


Why should parents attend your class?
The birth of a child impacts a woman like nothing else will. This class equips moms to learn what is going to be important, beneficial, and essential for them as individuals in labor. The support person is able to learn a variety of tools that enable them to comfort, aid, and truly give that much-needed support. 


During what stage of pregnancy should a mom take your class?
I think that is different for each mom. Some moms like taking the class a couple of months before their estimated due date so that they have time to research and practice what they learn. Other moms want the information to be fresh in their minds so they take the class closer to their little one's arrival. 


What is your favorite part about teaching this class?
There are many things I enjoy about teaching this class! I like getting to meet new people, I love getting to spend time talking about a subject that is dear to me, and I am sharing information that really does assist and is effective! 


What makes this class different from other classes?
 It is a 'Labor Skills' class. It is focused just on what to expect in the different stages of labor. In talking about what to expect we analyze and practice various ways or 'skills' that are essential for coping during labor. Understanding the labor process and possessing the needed skills to work with that process is invaluable! 


Fast Fun Facts!
Favorite tv show: I Love Lucy! 
Favorite movie:  Anne of Green Gables
Favorite food: Lasagna 
What do you like to do in your free time? Read, hike, sit outside with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. 
If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be? Fiji
What is the best advice you can give expecting parents? You will get a variety of opinions and a lot of advice. Hear it, analyze it, and recognize it comes from sincere motives. But remember no one knows you or your baby like you do. So listen to yourself and be proud of the decisions you make! 

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