Hygge Holidays (What the what?)

Hygge Holidays (What the what?)

Hygge Holidays (What the what?)

Crisis Free Christmas: A 6 Week Series

Welcome to Week 6: Hygge Holidays with Colorado Baby by Jessica

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been bit by the hygge bug. What’s “hygge” you ask? Well for those of you like me, who have been too busy worrying about everything going wrong on this year to be focused on amazing trends and don’t know, hygge is a Danish word that loosely translated means comfort. Pronounced “hue-guh,” it is the pursuit of coziness and a deep, satisfying sense of contentment and well-being. So, in light of current events, how could anyone not be on board with this principle? Instead of hygge I suggest we call it “The anti 2020 lifestyle.” 

I know what you’re thinking -I’ve already worn my knit scarf three times this week, burned through four autumn scented candles, and poured pumpkin spice creamer in everything I drink… how can it get more cozy than that? Well my friends in my research of the hygge lifestyle I’ve learned a few key things that I’d like to share with you as the holiday season is upon us. 

#1. Intentionality 

If you’re anything like me, the second you stop reading this article you’ll jump over to Pinterest and pop “hygge” in the search bar. You wanna know what will come up? Gorgeous living rooms filled with mountains of fluffy pillows and blankets draped across anything that doesn’t move, chunky mug after chunky mug filled with all colors of tea, and enough candles to set off your fire alarm. LISTEN TO ME! You do NOT need to transform your entire living room or bedroom to achieve hygge. Less is going to be so much more.

Stop and think if there are small ways that you can incorporate this principle into your life. Could you wake up a few minutes earlier each morning to simply lie there and enjoy the comfort of your bed? Could you take a fifteen minute break during the middle of the day to flip cover to cover through a magazine? Could you take an extra ten minutes a few nights a week to add something to your skincare routine? All of these would be choices you would have to consciously make to create an extra bit of comfort in your life. 

And that’s the point. You are going to be intentional, purposeful with the time you take and the money you spend. Spend some time thinking about what practices and products you can add (or subtract) from your life that will add to your contentment and comfort. What are things that you already enjoy doing that could be sprinkled with the spice of hygge?

#2. Quality of hygge over quantity of hygge

Okay still struggling to come up with a specific area you’re going to hygge-fy? Pause for a moment and think of your favorite part of the day. Is it making your morning coffee? Going for an afternoon run? Reading a bedtime story to your children? Once you’ve got it in mind I want you to think about how your five senses are affected by that activity. 

Maybe when you make your coffee you walk over to your charming coffee station, pull down that mug with the rim that gives you the perfect sip, you listen to the sound of the beans pulsing in the grinder, the aroma is a perfume you think someone needs to bottle stat! You love the way the cream looks as it blends with your dark roast (quick photo for IG), the mug warms your hands as you lift it to your mouth and…..ahhhhh that first amazing taste is always. so. satisfying. That my friends is hygge.

Notice how I didn’t mention that you have a whole collection of designer coffee cups, a fridge full of every holiday themed creamer available, or a subscription to a monthly coffee club? None of those are bad things, they just aren’t something you need in order to find deep satisfaction in your morning cup of coffee. The goal is to deeply enjoy using what you do have. Try to look for quality items, whether new or second hand, that you can love using for years to come. When you use quality products for extended periods of time you can grow a sense of appreciation for the craftsmanship, the little quarks, and the familiarity of the products. 

#3 This is about YOU… not them

Listen to me, please do yourself a favor and consciously make a choice to put some kind of limit on your social media usage this holiday season and into 2021. Not only can it lead to us missing amazing moments right under our noses, it can also lead us to that icky place of comparison. 

Like so many things in life, hygge isn’t a one size fits all. You do not need to compare what you find to be comforting to what Youtubers, Instagramers, or other influencers say you need to truly experience hygge. You know what you like. As Kerwin Rae says, “This is simple, this is easy, this is fun.” 

I think my biggest hygge tip for you is:

To find deep satisfaction, you have to be looking for it. Look for areas of your life that you could add a hint more of sweetness or comfort. Look for ways to activate all five of your senses. Look for those moments that make you think, “this is good.” And definitely look for areas of your life you love. 

Don’t forget to bring hygge to everyone in your home, even the smallest members. Below we'd like to offer you a special guide to add some awesome hygge via Colorado Baby to your home this holiday season. We're giving you a sneak peek of one of the five senses, fill out the form to get the complete guide.


In order for you to really get the most out of this guide, I’ve arranged it by the five senses. This is definitely not an exhaustive list. We have some truly amazing products in Colorado Baby that we take a lot of pride in carrying. To keep this list focused on the best of the best, I’ve chosen my top three products per category. Choose items from your favorite sense or scoop them all up at ColoradoBabyOnline.com 



  1. Plan Toys: Plan Toys are an amazing brand that we carry in the store. All of their wooden toys are made with gentle water based dyes. You can just see the craftsmanship in these toys. Want to get the most hygge bang for your buck? I suggest the Sensory Block set. You can check off sight, sound, and touch with this must have for 12m+ 
  2. Kate Quinn clothing: Not only is this organic clothing unbelievably well made and soft but the patterns are so clean and fresh looking with saturated colors that just scream quality.
  3. Wee Gallery: This is another one to specifically benefit your little one. Wee Gallery makes a variety of black and white flashcards, puzzles, and toys. Besides their high-contrast products being visually stimulating, they also inspire conversation. These items make it easy to turn your home into a wee gallery! 


Like I said - grab the full guide I put together by opting in below.  We'd love to share it with you.


May you find your own Hygge!


Hygge Home Guide
Grab this special free guide to add some awesome hygge via Colorado Baby to your home.
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