Featured Toy: Stacking Rocket (by Plan Toys)

Featured Toy: Stacking Rocket (by Plan Toys)

Featured Toy: Stacking Rocket (by Plan Toys)

Come along side us this holiday season as we feature some of our favorite toys, whether they're oldies or new ones for the season!

Age Range:

  • 18+ Months. We feel this would get good use from 3 and 4 year olds as well. 

How the Toy Works:

  • Stack the pieces in the correct order to make a rocket ship! But wait; inside are also geometric shapes to place in their correct spots to stack it up as well. At the top, place the cute little astronaut inside and you’re ready to blast off!

A Little About the Brand:

  • Plan toys are made from sustainably sourced trees close to their factory that no longer make latex (that would otherwise be incinerated). Their business model surrounds sustainability in all of their practices and child development. And boy are they STURDY (one of my personal favorites). They use water based dyes, non-formaldehyde glues, and organic pigments. 

Why our Colorado Baby Kids are Excited About It:

  • Summit (Age 4) says: “I like to stack it up and make his ship. Then I like to pretend like he is flying from earth to space! Then I like to make one piece fall off so his ship breaks and pretend to fall back to Earth and then I have to repair his ship again!” 

You can get the Plan Toys Stacking Rocket today! Watch for our next Toy Feature coming up on Wednesday.



rocket in pieces showing how the shapes fit into the rocket to build it

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