Featured Toy: Magna-Tiles

Featured Toy: Magna-Tiles

Featured Toy: Magna-Tiles

Age Range:

  • 3-99 years. This is the kind of toy that is really great for all ages over 3 years old (the pieces are small so not suitable for younger). Us adults love building with them so it makes a great family activity.

How the Toy Works:

  • These magnetic tiles and blocks are designed to connect from multiple sides of each shape, giving endless possibilities to your building endeavors. They encourage learning by teaching skills such as mathematical thinking, problem solving, and fine motor skills. We love that they are an open ended toy. You use your imagination and creativity to play with them however you want! Make a house or tower! Learn about geometric shapes! Make a maze! Create tangrams! The options are endless. 

A Little About the Brand:

  • Magna-Tiles were a vision brought to life by a Japanese mathematics professor. Each tile is made with food grade ABS plastic and is free from BPA, phthalates, and latex and contains high quality ceramic magnets.  They are sonic welded and made with stainless steel rivets and crisscross lattice to give even strength. Their design makes them SUPER sturdy, so they’ll last for many years. There are knock offs out there but they just don’t have the same durability and quality as the real deal. 

Why our Colorado Baby Kids are Excited About It:

  • Jameson (age 4): Jameson already has a set of Manga Tiles and loves to see what different surfaces he can stick them on in their home. To all the great new sets we have at Colorado Baby, he said “Wow, I like it. Let’s get that so we build. And put it on the door!” “So exciting to build bigger and bigger towers. And car tracks!”

Check out all of our different Magna-tiles here, but don't wait too long, they're moving fast!

Tune in on Wednesday for our next featured toy!


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