UBB - ModCap - Grasshopper


The modCap is a stellar sunhat designed especially for the little fellas in your life. Totally boyish and even a little manly, the modCap will have your guy looking his stylish best while keeping those devilish sun rays off of his delicate baby face.

With a typical newsboy shape and the fashionable flair you've come to love from Urban Baby Bonnets, the modCap is the answer to all of your boy hat problems.  His dad WILL let him wear it and no one will ask you how old SHE is.  Best of all, it has many of the same features as the modBonnet!  It has a generous brim-- but without so much length that it looks "girly."  It will protect your little guy from sun, rain and wind.  It features their trademark adjustable snap strap-- so the modCap STAYS on-- no matter how hat-fussy your baby might be!  It's made in Ohio by work-at-home women who are paid a fair wage-- a wage that they set themselves.  You can feel good about purchasing a handmade, heirloom-quality hat that also supports the US economy.