Ovolo Wrap - Woven Baby Carrier - Fletching

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Fletching is woven on a gorgeous cream-colored warp with a color weft. A bit beastly at first, Fletching breaks in nicely to a soft drape and almost silky feel and will provide the most amazing support for you and your babe. Woven in the USA, and finished in Bozeman, MT.

Onyx: 100% cotton
Jute: 74% long staple cotton, 26% linen

Due to its heavier weight, Fletching is most appropriate for older infants and toddlers.

Ovolo Sizes
Choosing a wrap size depends on a couple of things, your size and the type of carry you would like to do. Size 2s and 3s are shorties and great for rebozo and hip carries, size 4 is perfect for a ruck for an older baby or toddler, size 5s and 6s are the most popular sizes and work for Front Wrap Cross Carry and Double Hammock. The longer sizes will always be the most versatile if you are unsure of what size to purchase.

Size 2: 2.8 Meters
Size 3: 3.2 Meters
Size 4: 3.6 Meters
Size 5: 4.2 Meters
Size 6: 4.6 Meters
Size 7: 5.2 Meters

Ovolo Width
Ovolo Wraps have tapered ends and a width of approximately 28 inches.