Pumping, Bottle Feeding and Returning to Work (in-person)


Pumping, Bottle Feeding and Returning to Work

-How to keep your baby fed, your milk supply up and your sanity intact.-

Saturday Class Time: 1pm-3pm
(All times are listed in Mountain Time)
Cost: $30/person

"Slow flow, hands free, breast-like, anti-colic, double electric, flange size, power pumping, triple feeding, nipple confusion”… Do these words make your head spin?

Not to worry.  This class will simplify the confusion and stress that can come with feeding your baby.  Whether you’re preparing to return to work or just want to store a few extra ounces of milk, Ali Reynolds from Valley Lactation will help you understand your options and create a plan that works for your family and your life.  We’ll take a look at common pumps on the market today, and how to get the best fit and milk production with each of them.  We’ll look at bottle shapes, sizes and nipples so that you can choose the best one for your baby.  No matter what your feeding plan looks like, you’ll leave this class prepared to get the most out of each pumping session, maintain your milk supply, and feed your baby with confidence, at the breast OR with a bottle.

This class is designed to help you meet your feeding goals, whatever they may be.  Maybe you’re planning to return to work while Baby gets a bottle.  Maybe your partner will be handling a few feedings here and there.  Maybe you’d like to exclusively bottle feed because that’s what’s best for you and your family.  Whatever your goals are, this class will help you get there.

You will learn how to get the best fit with your pump, how to maximize your milk production, and how to bottle feed in a way that supports healthy digestion and responds to your baby’s natural reflexes.  We’ll also cover milk storage and handling, as well as tips for pumping at work and discussing your feeding plan with your child’s care provider.  You’ll leave feeling confident and empowered.

This class is intended for pregnant and postpartum women with nursing infants.
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