Clean Benefits - Roll On Aromatherapy - Cry Baby


We use Organic Jojoba Oil for the base of all the baby roll-on's. Its natural makeup closely resembles human sebum, making it the ideal oil to apply directly to the skin. It helps to moisturize dry skin and also helps to clear up skin conditions already present. Since it has a very stable shelf life, it is safe for all skin and all ages.

Although these roll-ons are blended with baby in mind, many of our adult friends have found them helpful in their daily lives also. So don't let baby get all the calming and relief from these super handy therapeutic roll-ons!

Cutting Loose - its pain relieving benefits help to calm and soothe gum, jaw and nerve pain due to teething.

Hush Little Baby - its mild relaxant properties help to relax baby's nervous system so that they can fall fast asleep.

Ouchy Oil - its antiseptic and healing properties help with skin irritation, skin inflammation and rashes.

Bye Bye Sniffles - helps to open up the lungs and passageways, clearing out mucus and easing congestion.

Cry Baby - helpful with colicky babies by easing abdominal cramping and bloating due to gas.

Runs Away - its antispasmodic properties help calm stomach cramping and ease pain during bouts of diarrhea.

Baby Lax - its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve intestinal inflammation due to constipation.