Bobux Step Up Comet - Seashell and White



ATTENTION: We have air-freighted these Fall Bobux shoes in from another continent in order to provide Bobux shoes to our US shoppers. You'll notice an increase in price as we paid nearly $10/pair in freight and import fees to get them here. We are not a warehouse or distributor, but merely a retailer, therefore making our cost to bring these shoes in higher than usual. Our hope is that Bobux will eventually return back to the US with normal operations (and prices), but until then, this is the next best option.

An old-school sneaker shape for our youngest generation, Comet is one cool kick. Clever kid-friendly features such as elastic laces and a single hook-and-loop strap provide stylish functionality, while a flexible sole allows kids’ feet the flexibility to bend and bounce.


  • Single hook-and-loop strap and elastic lace.
  • Standard length. Designed to fit average width feet. Adjustable around ankle and foot.


  • Upper: Quickdry™ Premium Leather
  • Sole: BBX B-Live SU (White)
  • Lining: Leather (White)