Rewards Program

When you shop online with us, you are automatically set up with a rewards account. If you shop in person with us, first, you'll be offered the option to sign up with us for a free rewards account. Once you have signed up in store, you'll be able to access it online with the same email address you provided to us at check out.

The program is simple:

$1 spent = 1 point earned

100 points = $5 off coupon
400 points = $25 off coupon
600 points = $40 off coupon
800 points = $65 off coupon
1000 points = $100 off coupon

When you redeem your points online, you'll be provided a coupon code. You must use the full amount of discount in one purchase or you will lose any remaining "balance" on the coupon code. To redeem your points in store, tell us at check out that you'd like to use your points. We'll let you know what you have available and apply whichever reward level you choose.



The program is free and subject to change. We do not allow transferring of points to other accounts. We do not allow you to use someone else's account unless they are present with you at checkout.