Cute Colorado Baby Alert

Cute Colorado Baby Alert

Cute Colorado Baby Alert

We know, we know. Abel is getting SO BIG and his smiles, I promise you, will solve all the world's problems. Just wait for it. In the meantime, if you're looking for a solution to entertain your fidgety baby, then try out Baby Paper. Why? Because babies love to play with paper! This simple crinkle sound is a favorite amongst our tiny customers. Check out our colors and prints here

LovedBaby has these incredibly soft and cozy thermals, too. Abel wears one, basically all the time and he's just so snuggly. 

Also, if you've admired this sweet handmade Colorado beanie, you can find one for your little one here. Don't worry, we also have adult sizes. Abel and I have matching ones, and yes...we are the cutest around town. 


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