Puj Tub to Babydam

Puj Tub to Babydam

Puj Tub to Babydam





If you love the Puj Tub for its clever design and convenience, you'll love the new BabyDam!


We all love the Puj Tub. It's soft, slim and makes bathing your baby a piece of cake. But now your baby isn't much of a baby anymore and they are overflowing in the Puj Tub. Well, once your little one outgrows their Puj in the sink, you're ready for the BabyDam in the tub. The BabyDam temporarily divides your bathtub in half with a water-tight seal. Now fill up half the tub in half the time. It's just the right amount of water for your growing bather. No more wasting water, time, and money filling the whole bathtub or having your child bathe in a few inches of water. 



The BabyDam also gives you the ability to fill each side of the tub with different levels of water. Remove the plug in the middle and allow water to flow through to the desired amount. Then replace the plug and fill the other side with more water. This is the perfect solution for bathing baby and toddler at the same time but giving each child the space they need. 

The BabyDam fits standard sized tubs and is a breeze to install (I've tried it firsthand) . It's flat (like the Puj) allowing you easy storage. The BabyDam is the perfect next step for your bathing needs and we are super excited to be carrying it in our store. Come down and check it out yourself!




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