How to Dress Baby for Camping  

How to Dress Baby for Camping  

How to Dress Baby for Camping  

Camping with Baby Series- Blog Post #4

Dressing a baby for camping might sound complicated and like you need aallll the bells and whistles. And, yeah, having high quality outdoor clothing for your baby is nice and does have its benefits, but is not a requirement to get out and camp. As I mentioned in my article How to Sleep Safely, we often use much of what we typically wear at home with a few added layering options. We’ve used anything from cotton to polyester for our kiddo, adding nicer quality gear here and there as she’s grown and become more active. 

Here’s the typical list of items our family brought for my daughter when she was under a year old for mountain alpine camping;

  1. A bucket hat. She would wear this anytime we are hiking or out in direct sun. Hats with ties or buttons are a must because they don't fall or get blown off your baby’s head by the wind. 
  2. A warm beanie.
  3. Two or three pairs of mittens. 
  4. Goumi Booties. They never fall off and keep feet warm. It’s also easy to layer socks underneath them for added warmth. 
  5. Bobux Soft Sole Shoes. Once your baby is mobile, these are a great replacement for booties. I love their durability and flexibility when they’re crawling. 
  6. Pants. Best to pack pairs you don't mind having to part with in case of tears and stains.
  7. Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs. Between drool and spit up, they saved us changing outfits and gave a little added warmth to baby’s neck!
  8. Socks. Knee high socks are awesome for keeping off the sun and bugs while babywearing. 
  9. Long sleeved onesies. I like onesies better than shirts because they keep baby's back and stomach consistently covered.
  10. A wind and water resistant jacket.
  11. A fleece zip up jacket. 

 Dressing a baby for camping will vary depending on the temperatures you are traveling to but overall, we always kept our baby’s body covered with long sleeves and pants. Sunscreen and insect repellant isn’t recommended for babies under 6 months, so long sleeves and pants offer sun protection and a barrier from insects. We make sure to bring lots of extra clothing! We don’t mind a little dirt, but changes of clothing are a must for sticky messes and diaper leaks.

Getting excited to go camping yet? I know I am! 

 Enjoy the mountain air,


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