Featured Toy: First Foods Set (by ezpz)

Featured Toy: First Foods Set (by ezpz)

Featured Toy: First Foods Set (by ezpz)

Age Range:

  • 4+ months. The spoons and cup can be used up until toddlerhood and the mat into the preschool years. 

How the Toy Works:

  • This set includes a Tiny Bowl that lays flat on surfaces to create a “suction”, keeping it at the table instead of on the floor. It also includes two Tiny Spoons, and a Tiny Cup, all designed to aid baby in learning how to eat and drink independently. 

A Little About the Brand:

  • ezpz is a woman owned small business and was created when the owner and her husband were in need of tableware that reduced messes. Their products are made with the aid of a pediatric feeding specialist using safe, food grade silicone and are dishwasher safe. ezpz has a great blog on their website with feeding tips such as info on first foods, feeding methods, recipes, and more. 

Why our Colorado Baby Kids are Excited About It:

  • “We use baby led weaning methods in our home and ezpz has been so helpful with food exploration for both of our children. The Tiny Bowl suctions great to our highchair and we love to take it to restaurants. For mashed foods, I preload the spoons and let my baby pick them up himself. He quickly learned how to grasp them and lift the spoon to his mouth. The tiny cup was held by me when first introduced, and now my son is beginning to grasp it on his own and take sips himself.” -Sharon, Mom of a 9 month old

We just brought this set in for the holidays, you can get one here while supplies last!



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