Choosing a Cloth Diaper Brand

Choosing a Cloth Diaper Brand

Choosing a Cloth Diaper Brand

What are the Best Cloth Diaper Brands?

by Megan 

Hello, my name is Megan and I’m a mom of 7 children. I’ve cloth diapered all of them from birth to potty training. This article is subjective and based on my own personal experiences with cloth diapering over the last 15 years. Trying to find an answer to a question like this is hard because it really is just going to be opinions. What one person finds useful, another person will not and so it goes.



  • Longevity of the brand
  • Manufacturing of the products
  • Authenticity of the brand
  • Functionality of the products


Longevity of the Brand

It’s important for me to know if the brand is a fly-by-night company or if they have been around the block a few times. I have seen countless brands pop up and fade away over the last 13 years that I’ve had a business in this industry. There are a few though that have stood the test of time and very deliberately continued to grow their brand. What this shows me is they are listening to their customers and continually improving upon what they are offering.


Manufacturing of the Products

My preference is to see products produced in the USA. However, if they aren’t produced in the USA, then my next priority is that they are being produced sustainably, safely and in good working conditions. It is also important to me that they are produced according to USA laws, specifically The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that was enacted in August 2008. One of the key regulations in this law is to make sure that juvenile products do not exceed unsafe levels of lead and phthalates. There have been a slew of cheap, imported diapers that do not (or previously did not) meet these requirements and were being sold illegally in the USA. Those same diapers now have flooded the “used diaper” market. As the saying goes “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”


Authenticity of the Brand

This is, again, totally preference, but I’m really big on “real.” I just want brands to be transparent and honest. I don’t like when a brand says one thing and does another. Also, considering I’m in the business of selling cloth diapers and educating others about them, I appreciate a diaper brand that will support its retailers down to the local level. It takes this “brand support” to keep cloth diapers in the local market and education at a grassroots level.


Functionality of the Products

Of course it is important that the brand’s products actually deliver on what they’re claiming to do. When sourcing cloth diaper brands (and really, any other brands) for Colorado Baby, we don’t mess around with a product that doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to.


When you see a cloth diaper brand at Colorado Baby, you can know that it meets these criteria discussed above.


I'd love to chat more about my favorite brand with you anytime - text me at 970-387-7844 to chat with me personally!


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