Baby's First Christmas

Baby's First Christmas

Baby's First Christmas

Crisis Free Christmas: A 6 Week Series

Welcome to Week 2: Baby's First Christmas by Megan

What a magical time of year we are coming up on here in the next few weeks!  And wouldn’t you say we are in need of a little “magic” this year? My goodness, let’s grab a hold of the upcoming holiday season and make it something special!  I’m going to share with you a few of my personal favorite ideas for your baby’s first Christmas.  Stay tuned over the next several weeks as we discuss all sorts of topics that will be relevant for you during this holiday season with our extra special series: Crisis Free Christmas.

Baby’s First Christmas can mean a lot of things. Maybe you are due to have a baby right around Christmas (that was me last year, little Felix was born on December 10th) or perhaps your baby is going to turn one sometime early next year.  Whether you have a “new” baby this Christmas, a baby that’s closer to one year or a baby somewhere in between, let’s talk about some great first gifts!

For those new babies there is nothing like wrapping that babe up in swaddling clothes (er ummm, a Copper Pearl swaddle blanket with a matching hat) for some sweet pictures by the tree or fire.  You don’t even have to be a photographer to make this look decent!  I’ll be the first to say I’m so grateful that our phone cameras can make our pictures look like we halfway know what we’re doing.  Be sure to read through to the bottom of this article for some photo ideas ;)

Maybe you have a little boy that’s really any age in that first year, but especially 3 months and up that you want to dress up in some ugly boy clothes.  HA HA HA - I’m kidding! If you follow us much on social (hello Facebook and Instagram) maybe you’ve heard me reference our ugly boy clothes. It’s an inside joke with our fans; you see, I have 6 boys and I tire of hearing “there are no cute clothes for boys” because there ARE cute clothes! I am constantly on the look out for cute boy clothes to bring into the store. Therefore, I joke around on social media that we only carry ugly boy clothes. With all of that said, I love dressing my boys up! And one of my faaaaaavorites are the Little Mr. Bowties...and suspenders make it fun, too.

Of course we can’t just talk about ugly boy clothes, we have cute girl clothes as well. We have dresses, collared onesies, headband bows and we do it all without a lot of FRILL.  I know, I know, frill is fun, but simple has its place as well, and that place is at Colorado Baby. If you’re digging the more simple girl outfits then “we gotchu”.

We have figured out clothes for Baby’s First Christmas, how about toys? While my list of toys could run long, I’ll just give you the highlights:

  1. Kleynimals - these are stainless steel baby keys that are made in the USA. My favorite part (besides the fact that they are 100% practical and great for teething) is that you can actually get them engraved by a local engraver! You could get baby’s name, birthday, first Christmas, etc. engraved on them and when baby outgrows them, you’ll have something small as a keepsake from their babyhood.  Uggghhhh I love these. PS - to the great Grandmas reading (like my own, Hi Grandma J and R!) - my generation doesn't grasp the significance of a silver spoon. But we do understand sentimental bonded with practical, so these Kleynimals will speak both of our love languages!
  2. Plan Toys Clutching Triangle - this has a nice chime to it and is easy for a young baby to hold on to. I love the simplicity of this toy.
  3. One of Felix’s favorite toys around 6 months were the Pipsquigz by Fat Brain Toys. He could hold onto them easily, chew on them, they rattle and they have different textures.  I love them as an early baby toy.
  4. If you have a really young baby, then I’d definitely point you towards a Mary Meyer lovey blanket. I can’t tell you how many times our new families (the ones we got to watch go through pregnancy into parenthood) come in the store, baby in tow, clutching their Mary Meyer lovey blanket. These same parents tell us that the baby just LOVES it.

One last section I’m going to hit on for the older babies that are celebrating their First Christmas this year. Surely they need a plate to enjoy their first Christmas dinner on, so make sure to check out the Ezpz mini mats. Hands down these are my favorite plates in the store. They’re made from silicone which means three great things: 1) easy to clean, 2) they stay new looking forever, and 3) they stick to the table making it easier for baby to eat (as they smoosh their spoon into the sides their plate won’t go flying).

I really hope these suggestions will help you find ways to make Baby’s First Christmas special. As a mom of 7, who has experienced 7 first Christmases, I’ll tell you, that first Christmas is more for you than the baby. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Get something special that YOU’LL enjoy, take some pictures, and enjoy your day home with your family...and be sure to sneak some Christmas cookies late in the night (you can blame it on Santa, haha!)

Below we are sharing a special guide for creative Christmas photo ideas you can do on your own (remember, we’re all about simple!)

Join me next week for travel tips with kids,


Creative Christmas Photo Ideas
You may not be a professional photographer but don't let that keep you from capturing special moments! Let us send you this free Guide with all sorts of photo ideas from our very own Colorado Baby mamas.
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