5 Reasons You Need a Doula You Probably Haven’t Considered

5 Reasons You Need a Doula You Probably Haven’t Considered

We have our upcoming Doula Hula on April 26th.  The event is an opportunity for you to meet local doulas and see if one would be a good fit for you.  There is no cost to attend the event and no obligation to hire a doula!  Read more here.

  1. You’re delivering in a hospital. Whether you want to have an epidural or not, a doula can help you map out a plan for how you want to deliver, what pain management tricks you can try, what positions you can deliver in, and how you want to spend the next day or so recovering in the hospital. Most importantly, those prenatal visits can be spent learning ways to avoid unnecessary interventions. 

  2. You’re having a C-section. Think doulas are only for women who want that No Epidural Trophy? Think again. A doula can help you advocate for things like a clear drape so you can see your baby come out, immediate skin-to-skin to promote bonding and help initiate breastfeeding, delayed cord clamping because that’s not reserved only for vaginal births (!!), and possibly even pulling your baby out yourself. A doula is informed of hospital regulations and rules and can work with you and your doctor to have the birth experience you want, even in the operating room. 

  3. You’ve been classified as “high risk”. If you’re at an increased risk of developing complications, a doula is a great asset to have to cope with possible unexpected changes. She’s quick-thinking, resourceful, and cool under pressure - traits you or your partner might not exactly have when plans change! She can also help you develop a plan for coping with these complications.

  4. You’re relying on your partner, mother, friend, or sister to be your only support. Anyone who’s known you for any length of time in an intimate way, like your family or friends, will empathize with you during labor differently from a doula. A doula is a professional who won’t be recommending anything based on her familial relationship to you. She has a birds-eye-view of birth and your family dynamic – something your mom or husband simply do not have. Is your MIL disrupting the vibe and projecting her fears onto you? A doula is a 3rd party who can delegate and mediate in a way so that the pressure isn’t on you to stand up for yourself when the only thing you should be doing is focusing on bringing your baby into the world. It’s difficult to witness someone you love be uncomfortable so it’s easy for your partner or mother to say, “Doc, I think she needs the epidural” even if you’ve explained you don’t want it. A doula can prevent this sort of thing from happening or handle it after it does. 

  5. You’re delivering at home. Think all doulas are the same? Think again! If you want someone to be with you in your home to help with children, or prepare meals, or keep the calm vibe you want for your zen water birth in your bedroom, communicate these desires to your doula ahead of time and she’ll come up with a plan of action. Will your kids be home during the birth? If your partner needs to get a breath of fresh air for a little while, he could take the kids for a walk and know you’re in good hands while you labor in the tub or on your yoga ball. A doula is a set of hands whose sole purpose is supporting you in birth. She doesn’t work for your doctor or midwife. She’s there for YOU. How much money she makes off your birth doesn't change depending on how many interventions you have. She's a completely unrelated, professional support person whose only obligation is to make sure YOU are happy. We spend thousands of dollars on our wedding days which last mere hours. Your birth deserves as much care, planning, and support – you and your baby are worth it. 

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