• Woolino Sheepskin - Flax

Woolino Sheepskin - Flax

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  • 100% natural, made from silky-soft hypoallergenic Australian merino wool.
  • Size: 2 x 3 ft. (60 x 90cm). 
  • Ideal for naptime or playtime, as a liner for the crib, bassinet, playpen or seat.* Sooths and comforts, helps child feel secure wherever they go.

Lambskins may all look alike but are not the same, and certainly not all are made for baby use. You can’t simply buy a sheepskin from a home furnishings store and use it for your baby as it could be dangerous. To be safe for baby use, lambskins must be short shorn (pile height 1.2” (30mm) or less), and tanned using a special process that is safe and approved for babies.

Why Woolino Natural Lambskin?

• 100% NATURAL - Woolino Lambskin is a product of nature, a completely biodegradable and a renewable resource.
• CONTENTMENT - The natural softness of the lamb-fleece will sooth and comfort baby. Babies settle more quickly when they lay on lambskin.
• YEAR-ROUND COMFORT - Wool’s soft hollow fibers “breathe” and help regulate body temperature so wool keeps baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet, keeping baby always dry and comfortable.
• BABY’S BEST FRIEND - Helps baby feel secure and comfortable wherever baby goes: stroller, bassinet, seat, changing table, or play rug.
• TESTED FOR SAFETY AND APPROVED FOR BABY USE - Short shorn wool (1.2 inch, 30mm in length), non-toxic, tested and certified by Oeko Tex 100® for baby use. Specially tanned and sanitized for babies and young children.
• NATURALLY FLAME RESISTANT and static resistant. Merino wool is considered by the medical profession to be hypo-allergenic.
• HIGH QUALITY - Seamless, quality-crafted from the most luxurious dense and silky lambskins.
• EASY-CARE - Machine washable and dry-cleanable. Full care instructions included in packaging.
• Studies have shown that babies sleeping on wool settle more quickly, wake and cry less, sleep longer, and gain weight faster.*

*When used for bedding, it is recommended for children over 12 months old.