• Skeeter Skidaddler Bug Repellent Spray

Skeeter Skidaddler Bug Repellent Spray

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Keep the mosquitoes and flies away with Skeeter Skidaddler 100 Percent Natural Essential Oil Bug Repellent Spray This concentrated bottle of bug repellent spray is convenient and safe for your entire family (including kids and infants). We created this blend of natural essential oils extracted from plant material to be safe but also effective at deterring bugs and mosquitos from bothering you and your family. The great thing about Skeeter Skidaddler is that it does not smell like insect repellent. In fact it has such a natural, warm, and spicy scent that some of our customers say they use Skeeter Skidaddler as a personal fragrance, too. 100 Percent SAFE for your ENTIRE family We avoided using synthetic chemicals like DEET and also avoided certain oils that can harm pregnant women and infants. Bring back your outdoor fun and comfort with our safe AND effective bug repellent spray. About the creator Skeeter Skidaddler is made in Maine, so the creator knows how to blend the perfect repellent to keep away those summer pests. Apply 'Skeeter Skidaddler more like a fine natural fragrance ... instead of coating yourself with the others. If the other products on the market need a bigger quantity or bottle it is because they fill them with a lot of water, alcohol or propellant, and less active ingredients (for that volume). Some competing products have as little as 2 percent active ingredients. That is why you need to use A LOT of their product, and USE IT OFTEN.