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  • Pariday TendHer Perineal Pack and Sleeves


Pariday TendHer Perineal Pack and Sleeves



No matter your birth story, labor and delivery leave you a little sore in places you'd rather not talk about. Cue the Pariday TendHer Perineal Packs and Sleeves! These wonders help give tired nether regions an --Ah!-- moment during and-or after child birth.,,The TendHer Perineal Pack consists of 2 super-soft and smooth all-natural gel packs with 6 sleeves which can be reused or tossed for convenience. The gel packs are each tested carefully, so feel free to sit on them however you like. More importantly, the gel packs are made of all natural ingredients with no artificial additives, so it won't harm your tender areas.,,The sleeves are made of high-tech, quick-dry, wickaway fabric meant to pull fluids from your body onto your maternity pad. They can be tossed if desired, or reused by simply washing in cold water and hanging to dry.,,The gel packs can be warmed in a bowl of hot water and used warm during child birth to help relax perineal muscles, or used cold in 20 minute sessions after birth to help with recovery. Regardless the usage method, we recommend using with a sleeve to protect your skin from a warm or cold pack. ,,No microwave and no boiling water on the gel packs please! They are --tendher-- and so are you, after all!, ,Product Features,,Gel packs are made of soft-touch, medical-grade plastic film for maximum soothing.,,Pillows may be cooled or warmed and worn with sleeves for additional soothing.,,Sleeves wick away moisture and can be washed and reused, or tossed for convenience.,,Perfectly sized for coverage and tucking in underwear.,,Gel is made with all natural ingredients - safe for your tender areas.,,Re-usable for up to 4 weeks after opening.,,A Note of Caution ,,TendHer Perineal Gel Packs are tender and cannot be warmed in the microwave or boiling water. Please warm them up in a bowl of hot water the way you would warm up breast milk. Heating a TendHer Perineal Gel Pack in the microwave would result in potentially harmful hot spots in the gel and would also damage the film.

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