Nook Sleep - Dream Cotton Mattress


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A safer, happier night's sleep for your baby. A worry-free sleep for you.
You deserve to easily find a natural & environmentally friendly mattress for your baby that's not only comfortable but is also safe. That's why the last 10 years Nook has been creating the safest, highest quality, natural products that reduce the risk of SIDS and bring you peace of mind.

Explore the Benefits of the Dream Cotton
Like you, we think your baby deserves the best mattress to sleep on, which is why Nook created the innovative Dream mattress made with hypoallergenic, up-cycled cotton denim.

Made from up-cycled cotton, one of Earth's most naturally breathable materials.

Made from ethically sourced recycled materials, the Dream keeps 36 pairs of jeans out of landfills.

Certified Safe
The Dream Cotton is Green Guard Gold certified, meeting the highest standards in air quality and safety.

2-stage offering with an ultra-firm side for your infant and a slightly softer side for toddlers.

As Sustainable As It Gets
Like you, we want to leave the planet a better place for our children. The Dream Cotton crib mattress uses dual-density up-cycled cotton denim to bring your baby a safe place to sleep while helping save the planet, so you can feel confident knowing you're giving baby the best.

Naturally Breathable + Safe
Safety doesn't need to be complicated. Using Earth's most breathable natural material, cotton, the Dream crib mattress is certified safe and breathable, giving you peace of mind and your baby a safe and peaceful sleep.

Safe for your baby. Safe for the Earth.
Made of 100% Upcycled Cotton denim, the Dream Cotton crib mattress protects your baby while keeping 36 pairs of jeans out of landfills!