Hello Breastfeeding (virtual or in-person)



We are still holding these classes both in person and virtually. We are keeping the class size small to maintain safe distancing. If you don't feel safe with an in person class or do not live in our area (or able to travel to our area), we'd love for you to check out our virtual class!


Hello Breastfeeding
-the low down on let down-

Saturday Class Time: 1pm-3pm
(All times are listed in Mountain Time)
Cost: $30/person

Planning to breastfeed? This class is for you. Aside from making a human from scratch, feeding our babies with food we made from scratch is one of the coolest things we are able to do as moms. While breastfeeding can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be challenging. In this 2-hour class, we talk through the myths and fears surrounding breastfeeding and discuss tips, tricks and evidence-based facts to help you meet your goals. The unique conversation-based format of this group session allows for all of your questions to be answered - even the ones you never knew you had - and you may even make a few friends while you’re here! You will leave here feeling informed, empowered and prepared to begin your breastfeeding journey with confidence.

This class is intended for pregnant moms interested in breastfeeding. This is a "moms only" class.
BONUS - Every registrant will receive a small gift pack.
*Be sure to read our Class Policies (you can find a link at the bottom of our website).*