Healthy Core Restoration (in person class)



We are holding this NEW class in person. We are keeping the class size small to maintain safe distancing. If you don't feel safe with an in person class or do not live in our area (or able to travel to our area), please reach out and we'll look into holding a virtual format for you!


Saturday Class Time: 10am-12pm

This class is designed for postpartum women in order to help them heal in a healthy way with insights from a local pelvic health physical therapist.

When will my body feel “normal" again? Why can’t I jump without leaking? When can I return to running? Kegel or no Kegel?

This 2 hour workshop will provide education, guidance, and hands-on interactive skills practice for women to assist in navigating through the postpartum core recovery and healing journey. Participants will be provided with evidence based healing strategies for their core: including pelvic floor, abdominal wall, and more. Facilitated by a licensed physical therapist with certifications in pelvic health for pre and postpartum women. Topics will include: postpartum healing timelines, common challenges (diastasis recti, painful intercourse, incontinence) and functional ways to overcome and restore function.

Bring a water bottle, pen and paper, and readiness to learn how simple activities and body awareness can make significant changes in your journey!


The cost for this workshop is $30 per woman.

*Be sure to read our Class Policies (you can find a link at the bottom of our website).*