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  • Cutting Loose
  • Hush Little Baby
  • Ouchy Oil
  • Roll On Aromatherapy
  • Cry Baby
  • Runs Away
  • Baby Lax
  • Bye Bye Sniffles

Clean Benefits

Roll On Aromatherapy



We use Organic Jojoba Oil for the base of all the baby roll-on’s. Its natural makeup closely resembles human sebum, making it the ideal oil to apply directly to the skin. It helps to moisturize dry skin and also helps to clear up skin conditions already present. Since it has a very stable shelf life, it is safe for all skin and all ages.

Bach Flower Essences are a super safe and natural way to treat emotions. Developed in England in the 1920-1930’s, they gently release negative emotions, helping us restore balance to brain and body. This helps the brain and body to heal itself, naturally.

Although these roll-ons are blended with baby in mind, many of our adult friends have found them helpful in their daily lives also. So don’t let baby get all the calming and relief from these super handy therapeutic roll-ons! We have included other uses for each blend below. (E.O. = Essential Oil) (F.E. = Flower Essence)

Cutting Loose:

  • Organic Lavender E.O.– eases gum and jaw pain due to the teeth pushing through. Its antibiotic and antiseptic qualities help keep chances of infection down and relieve nerve pain.
  • Organic Roman Chamomile E.O. – its pain relieving benefits help to calm and soothe toothaches and teething pain.
  • Walnut F.E.– the ideal essence for teething because it helps ease baby through this transition in their life.
  • Properties of this oil have been known to also help with… first day of daycare or school, changing nannies, moving and vacation. Basically anytime a major change is about to or has occurred. (Or even a little change if it is unsettling to you)

Hush Little Baby:

  •  Organic Lavender E.O. – its main effect is to help normalize the body, making it very useful for this blend when baby needs calming but you don’t know from what. It will just help bring them back to center.
  • Organic Mandarin E.O. – its mild relaxant properties help to relax baby and baby’s nervous system.
  • Impatiens F.E. – just like its name states, this essence is helpful in times of being impatient. Whether they are having issues with not getting what they want or they are getting frustrated while playing.
  • Properties of this oil have been known to also help with… calming nervous children, hurrying and bored children, children that frequently trip and fall from moving too fast, children with stomach or bowel spasms from being irritated or eating too quickly, and children unable to study or unable to play with others.

Ouchy Oil:

  •  Organic Lavender E.O. – its antiseptic and healing properties make it helpful for cuts, scrapes, eczema, dermatitis, bumps, burns and bruises.
  • Organic Tea Tree E.O. – its antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antibiotic properties make this oil a must in treating a wide array of skin infections and irritations.
  • Crab Apple F.E. – this essence is well known for its help with any kind of skin irritation, skin inflammation and rashes. It helps to clean the skin and to help the child “feel” clean.
  • Rescue Remedy F.E. – known as the first aid essence or the emergency remedy, it has the ability to immediately restore balance and calm when ouchy’s occur.
  • Properties of this oil have been known to also help with… children obsessed with cleanliness, children with issues around letting things go, children uncomfortable with themselves, children experiencing detox after taking pharmaceuticals, children that have strong reactions whenever anything happens (either freezing up or freaking out). It is also helpful for acne and hormonal imbalances.

Bye Bye Sniffles:

  •  Organic Eucalyptus Radiata E.O. – it is primarily used during colds and flus for its ability to help clear out mucus and ease congestion. It also helps to open up the lungs and passageways, making it helpful to use if you cant catch your breath.
  • Elm F.E. – this essence helps the body when it feels weak from doing too much and has body aches associated with a cold or flu.
  • Properties of this oil have been known to also help with… feeling overwhelmed from too many activities or too much school work, feeling tired due to thinking about everything you need to “get done”, growing pains (when the body feels weakened from growing), eases stiff joints, difficulty breathing, and chest feeling tight.

Cry Baby:

  •  Organic Roman Chamomile E.O. – its antispasmodic properties make this oil especially helpful with colic by easing abdominal cramping and bloating due to gas.
  • Organic Ginger E.O. – supports, balances and sooths the digestive system, which is usually sensitive in a colicky baby.
  • Organic Neroli E.O. – its antidepressant, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties make this oil helpful for irritability, stomach upset and stresses on the body.
  • Rescue Remedy F.E. – this essences is super helpful for stressful situations, much like colic, when your baby is uncomfortable and cant communicate it to you.
  • Properties of this oil have been known to also help with… dispelling fear, shock, anxiety, depression, mental fatigue, panic attacks and depression. If you find yourself in a stressful situation and need help calming down, this blend can do just that.

Runs Away:

  •  Organic Ginger E.O. – helps with nausea and motion sickness, which can bring on stomach cramps or diarrhea
  • Organic Sandalwood E.O. – its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties are helpful in calming the digestive system, flatulence, diarrhea and nausea.
  • Organic Roman Chamomile E.O. – its antispasmodic properties help calm stomach cramping and pain during bouts of diarrhea.
  • Crab Apple F.E. – this essence helps with inflammation of the intestines and colon, calming the abdomen and helping one to feel clean even after a horrible spout of diarrhea.
  • Properties of this oil have been known to also help with… when food is not sitting well after eating, helps when feeling uneasy about a situation, helps ease heartburn, helps with circulation, helps with motion sickness, helps with muscle aches and pains, helps ease symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.

Baby Lax:

  • Organic Mandarin E.O. – its digestive stimulant properties make this oil helpful for any stomach upset, especially constipation, whether it is caused by food poisoning or an emotional upset.
  • Organic Roman Chamomile E.O. – its anti-inflammatory properties make this oil helpful in relieving intestinal inflammation due to being constipated.
  • Crab Apple F.E. – this essence helps one to feel clean which is helpful in cases of constipation when the low back hurts, the stomach is cramping or feels full and you feel bloated, all around not feeling good or “clean”. It also helps with inflammation, helping the inflamed intestines and colon to move more smoothly.
  • Properties of this oil have been known to also help with… stomach upset from over-eating, stomach tightening when nervous about a situation, and bloating from food allergies.

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