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  • bumGenius OneSize Inserts --6pk--


bumGenius OneSize Inserts --6pk--



bumGenius One-Size Microfiber inserts are made of 3 layers of the thickest microfiber terry available anywhere. Our unique snap down design allows these inserts to fit perfectly in a small, medium or large or at any rise setting on a bumGenius»! This is a great accessory for pocket diapers. No more leaks!,, ,,Drying time:,Our one-size inserts dry as quickly on the line or in a dryer. All the economics of a one-size product and no more waiting for thick cotton or hemp inserts!!,, ,, ,,Absorbency:,Our inserts are now manufacturer rated at 15 oz. aborbency. No other microfiber insert compares. We recommend using two inserts when diapering an older baby or toddler at night.

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