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Saturday Class Time: 1pm-3pm

Pockets, All-in-Ones, Hybrids, Prefolds and Covers? Snaps vs hook and loop? Snappi? bumGenius, GroVia, Thirsties and Flips?  If this crazy cloth diaper jargon has your head spinning then this class is just for you! We've been talking doo doo for over 10 years and are here to help demystify it for new parents.

Join us for a couple of hours and leave as experts in the cloth diaper field. We'll give you a $25 cloth diaper kit to get started as well!

The cost for this class is $30-couple.
BONUS - Every registrant will receive a starter cloth diaper kit by GroVia!
*Be sure to read our Class Policies (you can find a link at the bottom of our website).*

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